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I abused the binding of my new Gekkan Shoujo anthology for you, so enjoy! Tsubaki Izumi did an extra chapter especially for it, and once I read it I had to translate it. Zip file is here with the cover image and a couple other drawings included. I highly recommend buying the anthology even if you can’t read Japanese, it’s pretty great.

OK, so here’s another one, which made me laugh a lot. The best part is probably Nozaki saying “at your service”. (I’ve never been able to word things excitingly~ It always turns out really bland).

In the zip file, there’s also a translation of the Mikorin/Kashima tea invitation. So, three translations of the tea invitations, and three of the anthology comic! 

I wonder what the other comics in the anthology are like.

Stop the Presses

Cut for personal things again.

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Other Translation Thoughts
Various thoughts

well, I guess the instigator is kanapy. (which means that the version people are reblogging is probably the kinda wrong one)

I found another mistake, but since it’s a font italic thing, I don’t feel like changing it.

I wonder if anyone has translated Blue Giant. or even Gaku past the fifth chapter. Maybe I should mess around with that too - I like Ichizuka-sensei’s art.

Do you have any recommendation for anime? is there any good genre romance anime you would recommend for me?

I don’t really watch anime much, because I can read manga a lot faster. I love the comedy side of romantic comedy anime more than the romance side, so I’m not the person to ask about this.


GSNK Anthology - The King’s Game, Nozaki-kun by Izumi Tsubaki

Scanned by setorabu (here)

Well, putting it together, it makes a bit more sense now. I guess it’s good enough for a rough translation. 

Edit: Changed page 1, ending of 3, page 9 and page 10 

I read pyralisa’s translation, so I changed some things. The major one is for page 3, since I totally misinterpreted that. And, I changed the format of the photoset.


I think… I’m going to have to adjust the King’s Game post and fix some of the egregious mistakes… I guess it’s too late for the reblogs, though.

Something from today

Personal items, so here’s a cut:

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Some stuff from Izumi-sensei’s blog/twitter

I saw something related to the drama CD while going through that blog.

It looks like Izumi-sensei’s responses to the drama CDs. There is a crazy amount of text on it, so I doubt it’s ever been translated. It would be nice to be proven wrong.

example, this is for the first drama CD.


I wonder if the drama CDs were translated. I seem to remember seeing them somewhere but maybe it was removed. It seems that anyone translating these probably has to listen to the drama CDs too, for context purposes.


I saw this on her twitter. There’s a slot on the other side for holding transportation passes (for example, the card with Nozaki, Sakura and Mikoshiba wearing Sakura’s bows)


Amazing, a real salmon tote bag.


Presented without comment. The illustrations on the pins in the background are in the fanbook.


And, this illustration, which was in the artbook beside the bonus volume 4 covers, was a mousepad.

There sure is a lot of merchandise. I sort of wish I lived in Japan and could obtain these, but I think it might be a bad idea to live too close to temptation.

It’s weird, too

That first post I made about gsnk has 2700 notes now. Geh, there’s probably something wrong with it too…

I have a feeling that I shouldn’t have posted anything at all… 

I feel like people followed me for no reason…

(As an aside, I still cannot quite believe that Kashima ordered someone to write a poem titled “Soy Milk”. And… my first thought about the first page of the anthology comic actually was that it was Nozaki doing some 4th wall breaking. Ah well.)

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