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Korra Book 3 Spoilers

Ha, maybe I can just skip Book 2 and watch Book 3? It looks more interesting at least. I’m not going to watch the episodes because I’m not that invested though.

Also, I am somewhat surprised (OK, fine, I was laughing) people don’t know how to use subtitle files… But I suppose I only know how to do that because I watch things in other languages. Like dramas, whose subbing culture has separate subtitle and video files. Anime has had bundled subtitle/video files (either hardsub or softsub) for a relatively long time. 

I think drama subbing has more translators who also time, and that’s the extent of the subs. Anime subbing has evolved to usually whole teams working on series. Is this because anime is more likely to have complicated typesetting? I have a feeling that it is because drama subbing is more niche. It seems like a drama gets subbed if the translator working by themselves decides to do it. 

Rant (A List)
Very Long List - More Thoughts about Epiphany

Even though a lot was depressing, I had some other thoughts. And some funny moments.


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Addition to previous post

Stuff related to achievements


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Response to Blackwell Epiphany

A lot of Huh?!!! 


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Blackwell Epiphany Demo


Blackwell site

Gamer’s Hell

Worth Playing


Does this want to make me play rating: Extremely High

Should you play this before the actual game: Well, if you want the full experience all at the same time, probably not. Things happen that I did not expect, so maybe you want to save that feeling for later.

I wish I could talk to someone about it on here. *faints*

Spoilers after cut! 

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Q.E.D. Titles

A huge list of Q.E.D.’s chapter titles up to volume 38. 

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Upcoming Spring 2014 Anime

I was on Random Curiosity and looking at this article.

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And here is the launch trailer for Blackwell Epiphany, including some guy getting headbutted and other dramatic moments.

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